In 2004 the northwest members of decided to do a group drive.  Having participated in and planned several similar events with northwest members of previously, our founder volunteered to organize the first ever Northwest group drive.  It was a smashing success and the decision was quickly made to do another drive the following month.  After several days with no volunteers to arrange the next drive, our founder again stepped forward with another exhilarating run.  At that time he decided to organize a group drive every month, regardless of whether or commitments to participate.  He said, "I'm doing a group drive every month, if it's a group of one, so be it, but I'm going.  You're welcome to come along."  At that point it was decided to reach out to the sports car community at large, inviting everything from Miatas to Ferraris, Galants to Mustangs, and everything in between.  Attendance steadily grew until the housing and financial market collapses of 2008.  While searching for work, our founder pressed on with the group drives, attempting to develop funding.  Unfortunately, he wasn't the only one hit by the economic downturn, and in April of 2009, with funding non-existent and saving dried up, the drives came to an end.

Fast forward to 2012, our founder is back on his feet, back behind the wheel, and ready to drive again.  The awesome drives and detailed, turn-by-turn, route books are back, this time without the fees for Sunday Drives.  While longer drives, and drives involving special arrangements will likely carry a fee, for now, the focus is on getting out and enjoying the abundance of winding roads the Puget Sound region has to offer.
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